Aamodt Court Filings March 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

3/4/2013 7856 Entry Of Appearance
3/5/2013 7857 Amended Certificate Of Service
3/5/2013 7858 State of New Mexico's Objections To The Special Mater's Order Denying, In Part, Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Discovery Requests, Subfile PM-67833 [No. 7852]
3/13/2013 7859 Order Granting The State Of New Mexico's Twenty-Seventh Motion To Join Additional Parties Defendant [Doc. No. 7851]
3/13/2013 7860 Order Granting Application For Order To Show Cause [Doc. No. 7796]
3/18/2013 7861 Order To Show Cause
3/19/2013 7862 Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Response To Plaintiff's Objection To The Special Master's Order, Denying, In Part, Defendant Arsenio Trujilllo Discovery Requests, Subfile PM-67833 (Docket #7858)
3/21/2013 7863 Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Motion For Pretrial Order For Mediation