Chama Court Filings November 2010


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

11/02/2010 9973 Order Clarifying Name Corrections (Subfile Nos. CHCB-007-0007, CHCJ-002-003, CHCJ-002-0048, and CHCJ-003-0079)
11/02/2010 9974 Order Clarifying Name Corrections
11/02/2010 9975 Special Master Report Recommending Dismissal of Objections (Subfile Nos. CHTA-004-0037, CHTA-004-0018)
11/08/2010 9976 Notice of Mailing (Special Master Report Recommending Dismissal of Objections filed 11/2/10; Subfile Nos. CHTA-004-0037, CHTA-004-0018)
11/08/2010 9977 Order Vacating Pretrial Conference (Ghost Ranch Ditch; Subfile No. CHCJ-007-0001)
11/09/2010 9978 Motion to Adopt, In Part, Special Master’s Report Recommending Dismissal of Objections
11/16/2010 9979 Order (granting and remand to Special Master Motion to Reconsider Directive in Memorandum Opinion and Order Filed 4/28/10, for Service of Additional Notices and Orders to Show Cause Doc. No. 9710, filed 5/5/10)
11/18/2010 9980 Order Setting Pretrial Conference (Monday, November 22, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.)
11/19/2010 9981 Stipulation on Priority Date (Ghost Ranch Ditch; Subfile CHCJ-007-0001; Priority: 1889)
11/19/2010 9982 Order Vacating Pretrial Conference (set for Monday, November 22, 2010)
11/29/2010 9983 Notice and Order (re: court’s Order filed 11/16/10 Doc. No. 9979 requiring that orders to show cause re: the priority dates be served on certain water Rights Owners for Subfile Nos. 287, 152, 267, 194, 194)
11/29/2010 9984 Order Granting Default Judgment (State Engineer’s 10/25/10 Motion for Default Judgment; Doc. No. 9970)
11/29/2010 9985 Order Granting Motion for Substitution of Parties (Juan R. Montano Revocable Trust substituted for defendant Juan R. Montano; Subfile Nos. CHNU-001-0001, CHNU-001-0002B, CHNU-002-0004; CHNU-002-0006; and CHNU-002-0016)
11/29/2010 9986 Certificate of Service (Order Granting Default Judgment for Subfile No. CHCJ-001-0006)
11/29/2010 9987 Memorandum and offer of assistance to Special Master Vickie Gabin and a reminder of our intent (Reference Doc. 9979 Order by Chief Judge Bruce D. Black)