Chama Court Filings January 2011


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

01/05/2011 9993 Order on the State of New Mexico's Motion to Adopt, in part, Special Master's Report Recommending Dismissal of Objections (Doc. No. 9978, filed November 9, 2010)
01/12/2011 9994 Notice of Mailing
01/24/2011 9995 Memorandum Conveyance to the court of Rio Arriba Board of County Commissioners, Rio Arriba County of New Mexico Resolutions 2011-049 and 2011-057; Resolutions that are in Support of the August 11, 1598 Establishment Date of the Acequia de Chamita Only
01/31/2011 9996 Memorandum Opinion and Order