Chama Court Filings January 2012


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

01/5/12 10676 Memorandum Opinion and Order (denying Defendant Parkview Community Ditch’s Motion for Leave to File Objection [Doc. 10650])
01/01/12 10677 Order (ordering State to file a status report addressing Mr. Sanchez’ contention that the hydrographic survey erroneously identifies the source of irrigation water for the property and his request that the survey team revisit the site)
01/10/12 10678 Consent Order (Unser, LLC; Subfile CHRU-004-0050A)
01/11/12 10679 Notice of Errata (Consent Order filed 01/10/11 (Docket No. 10678); subfile CHRU-004-0050A)
01/11/12 10680 Objection and Response to NOSC Doc. 10669:  1600 as the Priority date of the Acequia de Chamita only
01/13/12 10681 Status Report (in compliance with Order filed January 5, 2012; Docket No. 10677)
01/14/12 10682 Notice:  The State of New Mexico has delivered materials available for public inspection to the Federal District in Albuquerque (333 Lomas Blvd. NW) and Santa Fe pursuant to paragraph 6 on page 3 of the Court’s Order [10177].  Those materials are available for public inspection at the Clerk’s Office in those courthouses)
01/31/12 10683 Scheduling and Procedural Order for Determination of Priority Dates and Irrigation Water Requirements in the Rutheron & Plaza Blanca Subsection of Section 7 of the Rio Chama Stream System