Chama Court Filings November 2012


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

11/1/2012 10872 Entry of Appearance (Jeffrey H. Albright and Jennifer M. Anderson of the firm Lewis and Roca LLP on behalf of Defendant Brazos Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association (“BMDWCA”) – Rio Brazos, Section 7; Subfile No. CHRB-001-0002
11/5/2012 10873 Entry of Appearance (Natasha D. Cuylear on behalf of the Jicarilla Apache Nation
11/6/2012 10874 Memorandum Opinion and Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion in Limine by the State of New Mexico to Prohibit Opinion Testimony by David Ortiz (Doc. 10867)
11/6/2012 10875 Order (that Clerk’s staff shall correct the docket entry of Doc. 10873 to reflect that the document is Ms. Cuylear’s Entry of Appearance and not a motion)
11/19/2012 10876 Notice of Unavailability (Edward G. Newville from March 11, 2013 through March 29, 2013)
11/20/2012 10877 Status Report on Inter Se Proceedings – Section 3:  Rio Nutrias
11/20/2012 10878 Notice of Mailing Order by District Judge Martha Vasquez grating Doc. 10843 Motion to Amend re: Subfile CHRB-003-0027 mailed to defendant (No document  attached)
11/27/2012 10879 Motion for Extension of Time (to submit a proposed consent order to the Court describing the water rights of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in Section 7 of the Rio Chama Stream System, as required by the October 16, 20012 Order Extending Time to Submit Consent Order (No. 10868))
11/21/2012 10880 Pretrial Order – Section 1: Chama Mainstream; Acequia de Chamita Subfile No. 267