Chama Court Filings April 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

4/1/2013 10901 Procedural and Scheduling Order to Resolve the Inter Se Objectins of Filiberto and Domitilia L. Ulibarri; Section 3, Rio Nutrias; Subfile No. CHNU-002-0014
4/5/2013 10902 Ohkay Owingeh’s Motion to Extend Pueblo Claims Schedule 
4/11/2013 10903 Order Extending Pueblo Claims Schedule
4/29/2013 10904 Withdrawal of Inter Se Objections of Filiberto and Domitilia L. Ulibarri to Proposed Decree of Water Right of Lucia A. and Robert J. Montoya
4/29/2013 10905 Motion for Entry of Partial Final Judgment and Decree on the Surface Water Irrigation Rights in the Rio Nutrias Subsection of Section 3 of the Rio Chama Stream System; Section 3, Rio Nutrias
4/29/2013 10905-1 Exhibit