Chama Court Filings June 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

6/4/2013 10918 Certificate of Service (Scheduling and Procedural Order for the Determination of  Priority Dates and Irrigation Water Requirements in the Village of Chama Subsection of Section 7 of the Rio Chama Stream System (Doc. 10915))
6/4/2013 10918-1 Exhibit
6/6/2013 10919 Order Granting Motion to Withdraw Answer of Rancho Lobo, Ltd’s Unopposed Stipulation to Dismiss Answer [Proposed]  Order [Doc. 10913]
6/4/2013 10920 Partial Final Judgment and Decree on Surface Water Irrigation Rights in the Rio Nutrias Subsection of Section 3 of the Rio Chama Stream System
6/21/2013 10921 Order Revising Subfile Orders Associated with the M-B Ditch
6/21/2013 10922 Order Amending Consent Order Describing the Water Rights of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in Subfile CHCV-005-0005
6/24/2013 10923 Entry of Appearance of Attorney for the State of New Mexico (Gary B. Storm, Special Assistant Attorney General, on behalf of the State of New Mexico ex rel.  State Engineer)
6/27/2013 10924 Motion to Approve Appointment of Rio Chama Watermaster, Section 1, Chama Mainstream