Chama Court Filings April 2015


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

4/13/2015 11074 Order Granting Motion To Withdraw
4/14/2015 11075 Order, on the Motion for Leave to File Defendants’ Initial Disclosures Out-of-Time Under Revised Pre-Trial Order (Doc. 11073) Filed March 24, 2015
4/14/2015 11076 Order To Show Cause
4/14/2015 11077 Order For Status Report
4/15/2015 11078 Certificate Of Service Of Initial Disclosures By Defendants Charlie And Geralda M. Chacon And Delfin O. And Frances S. Quintana Trust
4/17/2015 11079 Order Granting Motion To Withdraw
4/27/2015 11080 State Of New Mexico’s Motion To Strike Defendants’ Expert Reports And Exclude The Testimony Of Stephen D. Hardin, Sam Smallege, Charlie Hibner And Malcolm Ebright
4/27/2015 11080-1 Exhibit