Chama Court Filings May 2017


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

5/17/2017 11255 Response To Motion For Leave To Withdraw
5/17/2017 11256 Motion To Correct Ditch Names In Subfile CHCB-002-0013 And CHCB-007-002B, Rio Chama Stream System, Section 3, Rio Cebolla Subsection
5/18/2017 11257 Consent Order, CHRO-002-0002, Estate Of Bernardo & Ida Archuleta
5/18/2017 11258 Consent Order, CHRO-003-0001, Merced Del Pueblo Abiquiu
5/18/2017 11259 Consent Order, CHRO-004-0001, Merced Del Pueblo Abiquiu
5/18/2017 11260 Consent Order, CHRO-002-0003, Merced Del Pueblo Abiquiu
5/18/2017 11261 Consent Order, CHRO-007-0001, Diana War, Rochele War, Veronica War
5/18/2017 11262 Consent Order, CHRO-006-0001, Eduardo Vigil
5/22/2017 11263 Certificate Of Service
5/24/2017 11264 Notice Of Withdrawal Of Motion To Withdraw Entry Of Appearance For The Rio Chama Acequia Association