Chama Court Filings November 2017


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

11/1/2017 11294 Entry Of Appearance
11/1/2017 11295 Notice Of Withdrawal And Substitution Of Counsel
11/3/2017 11296 State Of New Mexico’s Response To Defendant’s Motion To Vacate Consent Orders, CHRO-002-0003, CHRO-004-0001, CHRO-003-0001
11/3/2017 11296-1 Exhibit
11/9/2017 11297 Motion For Mandatory Pretrial Conference To Address Claims Based On The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo In The Rito De Tierra Amarilla Subsection Of Section 7 Of The Rio Chama Stream System
11/9/2017 11298 Motion For Mandatory Pretrial Conference To Address Objections To The State’s Proposed Priority Dates And Irrigation Water Requirements In The Canjilon Creek Subsection Of Section 3 Of The Rio Chama Stream System
11/9/2017 11299 Notice Of Withdrawal Of Counsel Leila J. Reilly For The Plaintiff State Of New Mexico, Ex Rel. State Engineer
11/17/2017 11300 No Court Documents Attached - NOTICE by Merced Del Pueblo Abiquiu Re [11296] Response in Opposition to Motion Notice of Agreement on Extension of Time to File Reply (Benavides, David) 
11/21/2017 11301 Withdrawal Of Appearance In The Adjudication Of Water Rights In The Rio Chama Stream System
11/29/2017 11302 Notice Of Stipulation And Withdrawal Of Objection By Maria Celine Montano In Subfile No. CHCJ-002-0045
11/29/2017 11302-1 Exhibit
11/29/2017 11303 Order Denying Motions For Pretrial Conferences 
11/30/2017 11304 Proof Of Publication Of Public Notice And Order To Show Cause
11/30/2017 11304-1 Exhibit
11/30/2017 11305 Order For Status Report