San Jose Court Filings December 2004



Title of Pleading

12/27/2004      Certificate of Service
12/27/2004      Withdrawal from Being an Active Party - Atlantic Richfield and Arco
12/27/2004      Updated Entry of Appearance - Atlantic Richfield and Arco
12/22/2004      Certificate of Mailing
12/21/2004      Response to Motion to Enforce August 26, 2004 First Pre-Hearing Order Governing Subproceeding 1
12/21/2004      Statement of Intent to be an Active Party - Community Ditches
12/21/2004      Request for Hearing
12/21/2004      Motion Regarding Service of the Certificate of Service for the July 28, 2004 Mailing of the Amended Notice of Expedited Inter Se Subproceeding
12/21/2004      Amended Updated Entry of Appearance on Behalf of Tri-State Generation and Certificate of Service
12/20/2004      Corrected and Updated Entry of Appearance and Notice of Intent to Be an Active Party
12/20/2004      Corrected Entry of Appearance and Notice of Withdrawal from Being an Active Party
12/20/2004      Updated Entry of Appearance for Councel to NMSU and Address Change
12/20/2004      Notice of Withdrawal as Counsel to NMDOT
12/20/2004      Updated Entry of Appearance for Counsel to NM Department of Game and Fish and Address Change
12/17/2004      Entry of Appearance-Gottlieb
12/17/2004      Withdrawal from Being an Active Party-Mace
12/17/2004      Amended Updated Entry of Appearance-Comeau Indall Law Firm for United Nuclear, Homestake & Sohio
12/17/2004      Notice of Non-Representation-White Koch Kelly for Cubero Land Grant
12/17/2004      Motion to Withdraw-White Koch Kelly for Gottlieb
12/16/2004      Certificate of Service
12/16/2004      Notice of Expedited Hearing
12/15/2004      Clarification Regarding Updated Entry of Appearance-Rio Grande Resources
12/15/2004      Request for Hearing for Motion of Dilts to Withdraw
12/15/2004      Motion of John Dilts to Withdraw
12/14/2004      Notice of Non-Availability-Susan Kery/Craig Erickson
12/14/2004      Correction to Updated Entry of Appearance - White Koch Kelly
12/09/2004      Request for Hearing on Motion to Enforce
12/09/2004      Motion to Enforce 8/26/04 First Pre-Hearing Order