San Jose Court Filings November 2005


Title of Pleading

11/01/2005      Certificate of Service
11/01/2005      Opposed Motion for Leave to Take Deposition
11/01/2005      Request for Expedited Hearing
11/09/2005      Certificate of Service
11/09/2005      Notice of Expedited Hearing
11/15/2005      Response of the Ditches to Acoma's Motion for Leave
11/16/2005      Tri-State's Response in Opposition to Acoma's Motion for Leave
11/16/2005      Certificate of Service
11/28/2005      Tri-State's Initial Disclosures
11/28/2005      Certificate of Service
11/28/2005      Initial Disclosures of the Association of Community Ditches
11/28/2005      Vulcan Materials Company's Initial Disclosure
11/28/2005      Initial Disclosures of Rio Algom Mining LLC