Taos/Hondo Court Filings August 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

8/8/2013 5572 Reply To State’s Response To Defendant Alfred Trujillo’s Request For Additional Time to Respond to Special Master’s Report Doc. 5565 And Objection And Motion To Deny Special Master’s Report Regarding Des Montes Subfiles Doc. 5566
8/8/2013 5573 Memorandum Opinion And Order
8/8/2013 5574 Order Granting Joint Motion For Withdrawal Of Nordhaus Law Firm, LLP And Substitution And Entry Of Appearance Of Jordan Law Firm, LLC As Counsel Of Record For Taos Pueblo
8/21/2013 5575 Letter By Special Master Requesting Joe M.Stell Ombudsman Program Services For Taos Pueblo Settlement Agreement Proceedings
8/21/2013 5576 Procedural And Scheduling Order For Review Of Proposed Settlement Agreement And Partial Final Judgment And Decree On The Water Rights Of Taos Pueblo
8/21/2013 5576-1 Exhibit
8/21/2013 5576-2 Exhibit