Appendix A


This website contains Appendices, Documents, and Forms related to the Partial Final Judgment and Decree on Surface Water Rights and Supplemental Rights in the Membership Phase of the Carlsbad Irrigation District Section of the Pecos River Stream System Adjudication (“CID Partial Final Decree”)

The CID Adjudication unfolded in a sequence of several phases:  The Project Phase, The Membership Phase, and three separate Inter Se Phases.  An outline of the history of the CID Adjudication is provided in the Introduction to Appendix A.

There are eight Appendices to the CID Partial Final Decree:

  1. Appendix A: Overview, Explanatory Notes, and Definitions of Terms
  2. Appendix B: Conditions that are applicable to every subfile in the CID.
  3.  Appendix C: A list of every Subfile Order, amending order, and correcting order for every subfile in the CID Section.
  4. Appendix D: Summaries of the elements of CID water rights adjudicated during the Membership Phase.
  5. Appendix E: Threshold Orders and other Orders.
  6. Appendix F: Large-scale CID Section Hydrographic Survey Map Sheets.
  7. Appendix G: A list of points of diversion for all water rights in the Carlsbad Irrigation District.
  8. Appendix H: Sortable indices to the individual subfile Summaries in Appendix D.

In addition to the CID Partial Final Decree and its eight Appendices, this Website provides useful information, documents, and data related to the CID adjudication.  These include:

Inter Se Documents: The documents, forms, Court papers, and Court Orders related to the three separate Inter Se Phases of the CID Adjudication.

Photo Gallery: Historical images of the Carlsbad Irrigation District.

Credits: A list of all employees of the State and the Office of the State Engineer who contributed to CID Adjudication.

The Appendices to the CID Partial Final Decree do not replace or modify Court Orders

These Appendices are a summary only and do not replace, or in any way modify, any Decree, Subfile Order, or other Order of the Court.  In the event of a conflict between these Appendices and any Decree or Court Order, the Decree and Court Order are controlling.