Aamodt Water Rights Settlement

The Aamodt Water Rights Settlement Agreement was developed through multi-party negotiations begun in 2000 between the Pueblos of Nambé, Pojoaque, Tesuque and San Ildefonso, the State of New Mexico, the United States of America, the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County and representatives of non-Pueblo water users to settle the Pueblos’ water right claims in the Pojoaque Basin.  An initial Settlement Agreement was signed in February 2006, and following the passage of the Aamodt Litigation Settlement Act on December 8, 2010, Pub.L. No. 111-291, 124 Stat. 3064, 3134-3156, a final Settlement Agreement (conformed to include provisions of the Act) was signed by all parties, including the United States in its trust capacity, in March 2013.  

In exchange for the Pueblos agreeing not to make priority calls against non-Pueblo users under most circumstances, the Settlement Agreement provides that the United States will acquire 2,500 acre-feet of imported water per year in the basin for use by the Pueblos.  The Settlement Agreement further provides for the funding and construction of a Regional Water System to supply treated water to Pueblo and non-Pueblo parties.  Santa Fe County is responsible for acquiring 750 acre-feet per year of imported water for the benefit of non-Pueblo users, for a total supply of 1,500 acre-feet per year for use by non-Pueblo water users in the basin. Connecting to the Regional Water System will be optional.

The Office of the State Engineer has the following settlement agreements and proposed agreements in progress.

Settlement Agreement and Related Documents

Order to Show Cause and Forms

Public Meetings and additional information

Maps, Large Impoundment Maps and Figures by Pueblo