Prior Year Legislative Actions

List of Bills, Capital Outlay Requests, Memorials, and Joint Memorials from the House and Senate.

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2001 Legislature Session

Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission
House Bill Analysis List
House Bill No. Bill Name/Sponsor  
HB2 General Appropriation Acts of 2001, Coll  
HB26 State Comptroller & Office Created, Varela
HB77 Amend NM Subdivision Act, Taylor
(Duplicate SB 157)
HB79 Assess Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project, Lundstrom
HB90 Amend Per Diem and Mileage Act, Varela
HB96 Change Per Diem and Mileage Rates, Lujan
HB113 Regional Water Planning Process Appropriation, Larranaga
(Duplicate SB 80)
HB114 Appropriation for Regional Water Plans, Larranaga
(Duplicate SB 81)
HB122 Flood Plain Regulation, Foley
HB127/a Amend Water Quality Act, Larranaga
(Duplicate SB 99)
HB156 Additional Notice of Water Rights, Lujan
(Duplicate SB 118)
HB157 Acequia & Community Ditch Fund Appropriation, Lujan
HB159 NMFA Fund Private Community Water Systems, Taylor
HB160 NMFA Water & Wastewater Project Grants, Taylor
HB187 Ft. Sumner Irrigation District Debt, Crook
(Duplicate SB 63)
HB199 San Juan River Water Rights Facilitator, Watchman  
HB222 Amend Arroyo Flood Control Act, Taylor
HB230 Performance Contracting Act
HB237 Acequia Notification for Change of Purpose, Vigil
(Duplicate SB 24)
HB247 Preserve Acequia & Ditch Water Rights, Rodella
HB248 Develop Regional Acequia Geographic Info., Rodella
(Duplicate SB 56)
HB249 Continue Errors & Omissions Process, Rodella
(Duplicate SB 57)
HB311 Doña Ana County Water Usage Analysis, Nunez
HB351 Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources, Tripp
HB358 NM Irrigation Works Construction Fund Loans, Lujan
HB444 Extend Water Planning to State Land Office
HB445 State Engineer Enforcement of Powers, Gubbels
HB464 Comprehensive Plan for Land Use, Knauer
HB488 Ft. Sumner Irrigation District Debt, Moore
(Duplicate SB 187 & SB 63)
HB521 Lea County Ground Water Assessments, Roberts
(Duplicate SB 467)
HB534 Water Project Finance Act, Stell
(Duplicate SB 169)
HB535 Water Quality Control Commission Membership, Gubbels
HB542 San Miguel Hydrological Assessment of Water, Vigil
HB574 Irrigation Works Construction Fund, Wilson
HB576 Forfeiture Exemptions of Water Rights, Vigil
HB586 Water Conservation Efficiency strategies, Larranaga
(Duplicate SB 434)
HB588 Governmental Dispute Resolution Act, Martinez
HB643 Carlsbad Water Rights Mediation, Heaton
HB645 Water Rights Mediation & Arbitration, Heaton
(Duplicate SB 560)
HB665 Cloud Seeding & Weather Modification Program, Roberts
(Duplicate SB 513)
HB675 Excise Tax to Fund Water System Projects, Salazar
HB681 Construction Materials Mining Act, Madalena
HB700 Sandoval County Acequias, Madalena
HB721 Public Employee Bargaining Act, Lujan
HB764 Endangered Species Damages, Stell
HB773 Environmental Improvement Board Appeals, Martinez  
HB796 Index Minimum Salary Rate of Inflation, Sandoval
HB811 Endangered Species Recovery Trust Fund, Stell
HB833 Public Notice of Water Appropriation, Stell
HB834 Point of Diversion for Water Appropriation, Stell
HB842 Salary Differential for Certain Commuters, Vigil
HB889 Improve Water Rights Adjudication Process, Lujan
HB948 Public Pease, Health, Safety & Welfare, Lujan
Regional Water Supplies
HB972 Public Pease, Health, Safety & Welfare, Coll
Performance Measures & Targets Act
HB982 Public Pease, Health, Safety & Welfare, Madalena
Jemez Drainage Basin
House Joint Memorial
HJM6 Prohibit Transfer of Rio Grande Water Rights, Rodella
(Duplicate SJM 2)
HJM14 Prohibit Otowi Gage Water Rights Transfers, Vigil
HJM24 Government Accounting Standards Board, Varela
HJM29 Appoint Acequia Reps to Water Study Groups, Rodella
HJM33 Cooperation in Development of Water Policies, Stell
HJM42 Resolution of Endangered Species Litigation, Stell
HJM49a Rural Water System Improvements, Wallace
HJM51 Study Intergovernmental Emergency Response, Wallace
HJM71 Develop Water Banking Legislation, Gubbels
House Joint Resolution
HJR29 Allow Noncitizens to Own Property, CA, Martinez  
House Joint Resolution
HCO799 San Juan Groundwater Monitoring, Stell  

HB: House Bill
HC: House Capital Outlay Request
HJM: House Joint Memorial
HM: House Memorial
HJR: House Joint Resolution

Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission
Senate Bill Analysis List
Senate Bill No. Bill Name/Sponsor  
SB24 Acequia Notification for Change of Purpose, Carraro
(Duplicate HB 237)
SB56 Develop Regional Acequia Geographic Info., Cisneros
(Duplicate HB 248)
SB57 Taos Valley Errors & Omissions Process, Cisneros
(Duplicate HB 249)
SB63 Ft. Sumner Irrigation District Debt Campos
(Duplicate HB 187 & HB 488)
SB68 Public Employees' Salary Increases, Altamirano
SB80 Complete Regional Water Planning Process, Wilson
(Duplicate HB 113)
SB81 Implement Regional Water Plans, Wilson
(Duplicate HB 114)
SB98 General Appropriation Act, Altamirano
SB99 Amend Water Quality Act, Komadina
(Duplicate HB 127/a)
SB115 Assess Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project, Rainaldi
SB118 Additional Notice for Water Rights, Cisneros
(Duplicate HB 156)
SB157 Amend NM Subdivision Act, Feldman
(Duplicate HB 77)
SB169 Water Project Finance Act, Lyons
(Duplicate HB 534)
SB177 Prohibit Utility Service Area Encroachment, Garcia
SB243 Taos Errors & Omissions Negotiation Expenses, Cisneros
SB245 Change of Location or Use of Domestic Wells, Cisneros  
SB256 Salt Cedar Eradication, Jennings
SB257 Tularosa Pipeline Project Study, Jennings
SB258 Tularosa Community Ditch Reservoir, Jennings
SB259 Drill Water Wells on Texas Border, Jennings
SB381 Legal Notices, Feldman
SB401 Bosque Fire Prevention, Aragon
SB415 Create Eagle Nest Fund, Lyons
SB434 Water Conservation Efficiency Strategies, Rodriguez
(Duplicate HB 586)
SB443 Public Utility Water Development Planning, Smith
SB448 Limit State Engineer Adjudication Procedures, Kidd
SB462 Diversion of Water Offenses, Adair
SB467 Lea County Ground Water Assessment, Bailey
(Duplicate HB 521)
SB473 Doña Ana County Water Usage Analysis, Nava
SB507 Endangered Species Act Litigation, Aragon
SB508 Conduct Hydrographic Surveys, Aragon  
SB509 Establish Water Database, Aragon
SB513 Cloud Seeding & Weather Modification Program, Bailey
(Duplicate HB 665)
SB538 Endangered Species Damages, Komadina
SB539 Custodian of Public Records Duties, Feldman
SB551 Governmental Dispute Resolution Act, Lopez
SB560 Carlsbad Water Rights Mediation, Leavell
(Duplicate HB 645)
SB561 Water Rights Mediation & Arbitration, Leavell
SB598 Salty Ground Water Purification, Maes
SB599 Water Budget Estimate for Tularosa Basin, Maes
SB602 Limit New Domestic Water Well Drilling, Cisneros
SB639 Non Forfeiture of Acequia Water Rights, Griego
SB684 State Engineer Enforcement Powers, Wilson
SB697 Water Rights of Rural Domestic Water Systems, Cisneros
SB730 Water Resources Department Act, Snyder
SB743 Improve Water Rights Adjudication Process, Campos  
SB760 Expenses of Amalia & Costilla Area Acequias, Altamirano
SB860 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare, Sanchez
Place of Use of Water Rights
Senate Joint Memorial
SJM2 Prohibit Otowi Gage Water Rights Transfers, Cisneros
(Duplicate HJM 6)
SJM46 Resolution of Endangered Species Litigation, Sanchez
(Duplicate HJM 42)
SJM69 Develop Water Banking Legislation, Wilson
SJM83 Interim Water Management Committee, Snyder

SB: Senate Bill
SJM: Senate Joint Memorial
SM: Senate Memorial
SJR: Senate Joint Resolution
SC: Senate Capital Outlay Request