2013 Legislature Session

Prior Year Legislative Actions

List of Bills, Capital Outlay Requests, Memorials, and Joint Memorials from the House and Senate.

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Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission
House Bill Analysis List
Bill No.
Bill Name/Sponsor
 House Bill
HB18 Drinking Water System Financing
HB19 Status of Water Rights Under Lease
HB41 Perpetuities For Certain Trust Properties
HB82 Replacement Water Well Procedures
HB94 Water Use Planning Period
HB108 Rules Development Requirements
HB181 Lease of Water Rights for Streamflow
HB201 State Engineer Appeals to District Court
HB335 Random Capital Outlay Audits
HB364 Water Project Financing Approval
HB397 State Engineer Application Rejections
HB448 Removal of Lands from Watershed Districts
HB455 Lea & Roosevelt Weather Modification Program
HB 470 Lower Rio Grande Water Management Plan
HB 473 Albuquerque/Bernalillo Water Authority Board
HB 475 Additional Judgments
HB 489 Albuquerque/Bernalillo Water Authority Board
HB 554 Economic Development District Project & Board
HB 558 Water Prior Appropriation Administration
HB 566 Update Regional & Maintain State Water Plan
HB 576  Return Water Flows during Irrigation Season
HB 577 Publication of Legal Notices
HB 611  Kerr-McGee Water Rights Litigation
 House Memorial
HM 85 40 Year Water Planning Recommendations
 House Joint Memorial
HJM  7 Water Development Act Reauthorization
HJM  9 Mora Regional Water Plan as a Priority
HJM  22 Indian Water Right Disputes Funding
HJM  24 San Juan-Chama Water Project Infrastructure

House Joint Resolution

HB: House Bill
HC: House Capital Outlay Request
HJM: House Joint Memorial
HM: House Memorial
HJR: House Joint Resolution

Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission
Senate Bill Analysis List
Bill No.
Bill Name/Sponsor

Senate Bill
SB135 Lower Rio Grande Regional Water Plan
SB165 Red River Watershed Planning & Restoration
SB188 Status of Water Rights Under Lease
SB193 Water Quality Control Commissioners
SB197 Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Report
SB228 NMFA Water Fund & Acequia Projects
SB241 Morphy Lake Dam Renovation
SB257 Water Trust Board Loan Pay Offs
SB283 Removal of Land From Watershed Districts
SB309 Lease of Water Rights for Streamflow
SB419 Move Drinking Water Loan Fund
SB428 Lea & Roosevelt Weather Modification
SB440 Lower Rio Grand Water Rights
SB449 Lower Rio Grande Water Management Plan
SB454 Regional & Statewide Water Planning
SB 462

Lower Pecos River Drought Mitigation

SB 446 Additional Judgeships for Water
SB 479  Adequate Subdivision Water Supplies
SB 480 Subdivision Water Permits
SB 481 Regional Water Planning
SB 494  Amend Rules for Prior Appropriations
SB 529 Water Prior Appropriation Administration
SB 533  DFA Cost-Benefit-Analysis of Agency Rules
SB 536  Hatch Village Alternative Water Sources
SB 546 NM Irrigation Work's Fund for Acequias
SB 563 Export of Water from Critical Management Area
SB 631 Public Peace, Health, Safety & Welfare Conservancy Court Control of MRGCD

Senate Memorial
SM8 Maximize Rio Grande Water Supply
SM 50 Study Albuquerque-Bernalillo Water Authority
SM 52 Treat Gallinas Watershed
SM 83 Domestic Well Impact Areas

Senate Joint Memorial
SJM 6 Santa Cruz Dam Improvements
SJM 11 Mora Regional Water Plan as a Priority

Senate Joint Resolution

SB: Senate Bill
SJM: Senate Joint Memorial
SM: Senate Memorial
SJR: Senate Joint Resolution
SC: Senate Capital Outlay Request