Bernalillo County

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(SD-09096 into RG-93127)-T-3 Rosanna Chavez 2-Nov-18
SD-08223 into RG-6745 et al. Farrow Revocable Trust and City of Rio Rancho 10-Oct-18
(RG-50 and RG-440 into RG-17065 Enlrg.)-T Niagara Bottling, LLC., c/o John W. Utton, Esq., Utton & Kery, P.A., and the Public    Service Company of New Mexico, c/o Mike Greene, PNM Resources, and The Village of   Los Lunas, Gregory D. Martin, Village Administrator 20-Sep-18
SD-09712 into RG-97542 Sannes Family Trust, William and Katie Harris, and Blatt Properties, LLC 5-Sep-18