Valencia County

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RG-18316 & RG -18316-S into RG-82760 Bernabe and Gregorio Marquez and Jordan C. and Beverly K. Pareo 5-Dec-18
SD-07689-A into RG-20516 et al City of Santa Fe and The Sanchez Living Trust 3-Dec-18
SD-08223 into RG-6745 et al. Farrow Revocable Trust and City of Rio Rancho 10-Oct-18
E-417 POD 3 Nagibullah Nabi and Shirley J. Washburn, PhD 10-Oct-18
RG-17065 POD6 Village of Los Lunas 10-Oct-18
RG-17065 POD7 Village of Los Lunas 10-Oct-18