Region 4 - Southwest New Mexico Regional Water Plan - Accepted by the ISC in 2005

The water planning region encompasses Catron, Grant, Hidalgo, and Luna Counties. The principal river basin is the Gila River, tributary to the Lower Colorado River. Principal aquifers are associated with the Gila River Basin and the Mimbres Basin. The region is bounded on the north by Cibola County, on the west by Arizona, on the south by Mexico, and on the east by Socorro, Sierra and Doña Ana Counties.

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  Executive Summary   Water Supply
  Introduction   Water Demand
  Public Involvement   Water Budget
  General Description of the Planning Region   Analysis of Alternatives for Meeting Future Demand
  Legal Issues Affecting Water Use and Supply in the Southwest New Mexico Water Planning Region   References
  Appendix A: Resource Information and Maps   Appendix E: Water Demand Information
  Appendix B: Public Participation   Appendix F: Groundwater Budgets
  Appendix C: Water Law and Regional Water Planning   Appendix G: OSE Guidance for Drought Management Plans
  Appendix D: Hydrologic Information