Well Drillers and Drill Rig Supervisor

Following are Office of the State Engineer forms relating to well construction, the licensing of well drillers, and the registration of drill rig supervisors. If you are looking for a additional Office of the State Engineer applications and/or forms, click here

Please note that two originals of documents are needed.

Mail Forms to:

NM Office of the State Engineer

Well Driller License Program
PO Box 25102
Santa Fe, NM  87504-5102

Guidelines and Handbooks

Licensing and Registration Forms

  Form #   Form Name  
  WD-01   Drill Rig Form  
  WD-02   Application for Well Driller License  
WD-03   Application for Registration as a Drill Rig Supervisor  
  WD-04   Application for Renewal of License or Registration  
  WD-10   Application to Amend Well Driller License  
      New Mexico Well Drilling Bond Form  

Well Construction Forms

OSE Approved Sealant Table


  Form #   Form Name  
  WR-20   Well Record and Drilling Log  
  WD-08   Well Plugging Plan of Operations - Artesian and Non-Artesian  
  WD-09   Artesian Well Plan of Operations (for new well construction)  
  WD-11   Plugging Record  

Continuing Education Forms

  Form #   Form Name  
  WD-05   Documentation of Continuing Education Hours