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The New Mexico Office of the State Engineer and Interstate Stream Commission are required to undertake a review of the New Mexico State Water Plan every five years and to subsequently update the plan as needed. This document summarizes the review undertaken in 2008 and presents a proposed work program for conducting the update in 2009. It is the result of a collaborative exercise, which engaged staff from the Office of the State Engineer, Interstate Stream Commission, and other state agencies with water-related responsibilities, as well as public stakeholders in reviewing the 2003 New Mexico State Water Plan.

The State Water Plan Act also requires that the plan be reviewed, updated, and amended in response to changing conditions. At a minimum, a review should take place every five years. The Interstate Stream Commission and the Office of the State Engineer, along with other state agencies, prepared a review document that was published in June 2008. Based on this review, the agencies will begin the update process, which will include public meetings around the state and other opportunities for public input. More information will be posted as it becomes available. As part of the review and update process, the Interstate Stream Commission contracted with University of New Mexico Bureau of Business and Economic Research to provide an updated population report with projections. This report is also available below.


  • Overview of Water Planning in Western States
  • Western States Water Plans
    In an effort to provide insight into the possibilities for, and variety in, state water planning, the Interstate Stream Commission contracted with Daniel B. Stephens & Associates to provide an overview of state water plans throughout the West. The synthesized information is provided below.