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The Española Basin Technical Advisory Group (EBTAG) GIS data

The Española basin is considered a "critical groundwater basin" because it is the primary groundwater resource for the cities and surrounding urbanizing areas of Santa Fe, Española, Los Alamos, and eight Pueblo nations. Improving our understanding of the three-dimensional hydrogeologic and geologic frameworks of the basin is a requisite step toward better management of its ground water. Geologic and geophysical studies are key to developing this framework.

For additional information about EBTAG, visit the Española Basin Technical Advisory Group website


This data is provided through the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer in order that a common database may be made available to the EBTAG user group and others.

Metadata Files

Data Files

Additional Information

This data is provided as-is for public use. Much of it is available from other sources. It has been edited to occupy the greater Española basin, as determined by EBTAG.

The metadata 'roads' is valid for the shapefiles: Interstates, state_roads, us_highways.

The dem30m may be too large to download over smaller communication lines. A data CD may be necessary to transfer the dem data to a local site.

The metadata 'dem30meter' and corresponding 30meter dem is the data from which the hillshade was extracted.

Boundaries for all groundwater models shown were created by the OSE, with exception of the Eldorado model, which was provided by John Shomaker and Associates.

Well datasets (GWSI, and WATERS) were created by Balleau Ground Water Inc and the OSE respectively. They have not been edited, and may possess duplicate or incorrect datapoints. The OSE WATERS data may include more than one record per well location. Only records which can be located are included. Location data in the OSE Waters database has not been verified. Because the Township and Range survey system does not cover all of the area, and some OSE well records are reported as occurring in projected Townships and Ranges, and / or Land Grants, the well files may not accurately reflect the data available.