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Hydrology Bureau

Statewide Groundwater Level Monitoring Program

The Hydrology Bureau manages the state’s involvement in a cooperative program to monitor New Mexico’s groundwater resources.  The Bureau collaborates with the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) to collect, store and make available measurements of water levels in over 2,200 wells across the state.  Water-level measurements are made on a semi-annual, annual or five-year basis by USGS and OSE personnel, and by contractors. 

All data are quality checked before being stored in the USGS National Water Information System database, and are available to the public from the USGS website and by request to the USGS.

Well Networks showing locations for wells measured from 2006 – 2014

Schedule of Well Networks to be measured

Effort is made to provide the highest quality information. OSE provides no warranty, nor accepts any liability occurring from the use of these data.