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Water Rights Allocation Program (WRAP)

Meter Examples and Helpful Hints

Meter Photograph

Please send a one-time photograph of your meter clearly showing the face of the meter and a photograph clearly showing the serial number. Photographs can be emailed or sent by mail to your appropriate District Office.

See example below:

Meter informationS

Sample of a Water Meter - What's on the Dial?

Finding things on this Meter

Example of Meter Reading

When submitting meter information count all the dials (numbers) even if they have not moved. The multiplier is shown by any stationary (numbers painted on the dial face) zeros on the meter. In this case there is only one stationary zero. If there are no stationary zeros on the meter face type 1 for the multiplier. If there is a decimal point on your meter anywhere, make sure to include it in your meter reading.