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Notices For Publication

Bernalillo County

File Number Name Date Posted
RG-1579 Kirtland Air Force Base 27-Sep-19
SD-05010 United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge 13-Sep-19
SD-9840 into RG-84743 Revised Anthony and Kristen Graham Chavez and Marty J. and Teresa L. Wright 18-Sep-19
SD-04673-A into RG-6745 et al. The City of Rio Rancho and David L. Sanchez and Amanda M.E Sanchez. 30-Aug-19
(SP-2847-M into SP-5151)-T and (SP-2847-M and SP-2847-G into SP-5151)-T RPC and SAC Revocable Trust dated December 21, 2012, Successors and Assigns, & City of Belen 2-Aug-19