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Water Planning

50 Year Water Plan - Events Calendar

Upcoming Events and Webinars


Resilience Assessment Initiation:

  • September 20th at 2pm: Agriculture and Livestock Watering - NM ISC
  • September 22nd at 3pm: Public Water Systems and Domestic Wells - NM ISC
  • September 28th at 2pm: Watersheds and Habitat - NM ISC
  • September 29th at 2pm: Industrial, Commercial, Mining, and Power - NM ISC
  • September 30th at 2pm: Recreation and Quality of Life - NM ISC

In-Depth Webinars Evaluating Resilience of Sectors:

  • September 21st at 2pm: Evaluating Resilience of Irrigated Agricultural Areas - Amy C. Lewis
  • September 23rd at 3pm: Evaluating Resilience of Public Water Systems - Amy C. Lewis