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Water Planning

50 Year Water Plan - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

What is the 50-year plan?

For development of this plan, a team of research experts will provide an assessment of changing temperature and water resource conditions and provide a description of what New Mexico’s water resources could look like over the next 50 years. One of the most important components of the planning process will be to make the experts projection(s) of water resource conditions in the future relatable to people, communities, public sector and industry. Through the planning process we intend to learn what people are doing today to prepare for a warmer and more variable water supply in the future and where gaps exist. We will do a parallel outreach process with the Tribes and Pueblos. The plan will provide an update on the readiness of New Mexicans to prepare for changing water resource conditions.

  • Provide an assessment of potential water resources challenges in various sectors of the state and the state as a whole due to expected continued warming across the state.
  • Bring New Mexico stakeholders to the table to ensure inclusive water planning and communicate the information to them.
  • Describe what New Mexicans can do to help                                               
  • Goal of reducing risk, improving water resilience, and creating a realistic, sustainable plan for the next 50 years.

How do I Participate?

Review the Leap ahead Analysis Assessment, Show up to 50 YWP events, and after plan production work with legislature and local groups at improving resiliency

How do I use this information?

Go through Regional PPP list, local government water plans, and groups at following recommendations at improving sustainable water use

Who is the Climate and Water Advisory Team?

Nelia Dunbar, PhD:  Geology and Mineral Resources-Director NMT, Organizer of team
Fred Phillips, PhD:  Hydrology Earth and Environmental Science
Dave Gutzler, PhD:  Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bruce Thomson, PE, PhD:  Environmental Engineering-physical and chemical water chemistry
Craig Allen, PhD:  Forest and Mountain Ecology
Dave Dubois, PhD:  Climatology and Atmospheric Science
Les McFadden, PhD: Geomorphology and Soil Sciences
Anne Tillery:  Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology

Where can I see the data?

You can view the data on the Climate and Water Advisory Team Assessment and Data page