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Water Rights Division

District 6 Santa Fe Water Masters

Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque Supervisor Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque Water Master
Tomas Stockton Luis Aguirre
Phone: (505) 827-3907 Phone: (505) 827-3973
  Cell: (505) 718-2011
Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque Water Master Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque Water Master
Ray Sandoval Johnny Apodaca
Phone: (505) 827-8124 Phone: (505) 690-5830
Cell: (505) 629-8258  
Lower Chama Water Master Upper Chama Water Master
Vacant Tyler Lystash
  Cell: (505) 690-3621
Rio Gallinas Water Master/District 6 Water Master Upper Pecos Basin Lead
Chris Thornburg Vacant
Phone: (505) 827-7831  
Cell: (505) 629-8978  

AWRM Supervisor Northern Rio Grande Supervisor
Vacant Vacant

Water Masters Reports

Water Master Reports

Active Water Resource Management (AWRM)

AWRM Priority Basin Information - Rio Chama Basin

AWRM Priority Basin Information - Rio Costilla

AWRM Priority Basin Information - Rio Gallinas

AWRM Priority Basin Information - Nambe-Pojoaque-Tesuque