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Western Dam Engineering Technical Note

A Quarterly Publication for Dam Safety Engineers and Dam Owners

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Archive (Past Issues)

Vol. 1 Issue 1 – March 2013: Siphons, Filter Design, Outlet Pipe Rehabilitation

Vol. 1 Issue 2 – July 2013: Wave Runup, Rip Rap Design and Outlet Pipe Venting

Vol. 1 Issue 3 – November 2013: Slope Stability, Estimating Precipitation and Earthwork Specifications

Vol. 2 Issue 1 – April 2014: Subsurface Investigations, Developing Inflow Design Hydrographs and "Team Effort" Specifications

Vol. 2 Issue 2 – July 2014: Soil Characterization, Conduit Repairs and Specification Tips

Vol. 2 Issue 3 – October 2014: Soil Characterization with Lab Testing, Reservoir Drawdown, Overtopping Failure Lessons Learned

Vol. 3 Issue 1 – Sinkholes, Hydraulics of Outlet Works and Shear Strength Characterization for Slope Stability Analysis

Vol. 3 Issue 2 – Dam Safety Inpections "A Closer Look", Spillways on Small Dams and Geology 101 - Dam Good Foundations

Vol. 3 Issue 3 – Spillway Erosion, Design Considerations for Outlet Controls and Guidance for Designing an Instrumentation Program

Vol. 4 Issue 1 – Mobile Applications for Dam Engineers, Considerations for Pipe Rehabilitation using Cured-In-Place Pipe and a first on a series of Seepage Articles

Vol. 4 Issue 2 – Dam, You're Getting Old! - Understanding and Managing the Risks of Aging Dams, Retrofitting Old Dams to Address New Hydrologic Inadequacies, Internal Erosion: Issues Just Below the Surface

Vol.5 Issue 1 - Emergency Response to Seepage and Internal Erosion

Vol.5 Issue 2 - Introduction to Dam Safety Risk Assessment

Vol.6 Issue 2 - HEC-HMS versus HEC-RAS, the impact of human factors in dam safety incidents