Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study

The Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study was initiated in June 1999 as a joint project of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The study was conducted as the first step of a broad regional water planning process, addressing the question, "What is the water supply for the region?" To answer this question, the study quantified the conjunctive groundwater-surface water supply for the region from Cochiti Dam to Elephant Butte Reservoir, considering the constraints of the Rio Grande Compact. An Executive Steering Committee comprised of water resource engineers and scientists, and major stakeholders in the study area provided technical advice and guidance during the project.

Phase 1 of the study identified hydrologic data, reviewed key water budget studies, and developed a Work Plan to quantify the conjunctive use water supply in the Middle Rio Grande region. Phase 2 implemented the Work Plan and culminated in August 2000 with the release of a comprehensive report, available below. Phase 3 of the study further refined the characterization of the components and processes of the hydrologic budget of the study region and the probabilistic model developed during Phase 2.

MRGWSS Phase 1 and 2 Reports and Documents

Phase 2 Final Report - Link to the Phase 2 Final Report for the Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study. Additional information on the results of the study can be found at the website: S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc., Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study

Executive Steering Committee - A list of those invited to participate on the Executive Steering Committee. The Committee was commissioned to ensure that the goals of the study are achieved.

Bibliography - A list of reports reviewed as part of the study.

MRGWSS Phase 3 Final Report

Executive Summary

Final Report



Appendix A - Metadata Database

Appendix A - Metadata Files - Spatial Data

Appendix A - Metadata Files - Time Series

Appendix B - Summary of Flow Data and Compact-Based Flow Indices

Appendix C - Summary of Consumptive Use Data

Appendix D - Probabilistic Analysis of Water Budget Terms

Appendix E - Groundwater Modeling of Present and Alternative Conditions

Appendix F - Model Output

Appendix G - Middle Rio Grande Planning Region Supporting Documents

Appendix H - Socorro-Sierra Planning Region Supporting Documents

Project Technical Memoranda

New Mexico Climate Memorandum - Link to a technical memorandum analyzing the paleo-climate and climate-forcing information for New Mexico and the resulting implications for probabilistic modeling in the Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study.

1950's Drought Analysis Memorandum - Link to a technical memorandum analyzing the severity of the 1950's drought.

Preliminary Analysis of Hydrologic Impacts of Alternatives Proposed by the Socorro-Sierra Regional Water Planning Group - Link to a technical memorandum providing a preliminary hydrologic evaluation of water planning alternatives proposed for the Socorro-Sierra region.

SSPA/SNL Joint Statement - Link to a joint statement by SS Papadopulos and Associates and Sandia National Lab on the similarities and differences of each parties' respective models and the role of the models in the regional water planning process.

Reevaluation of Hydrologic Statistical Distributions - Link to a technical memorandum providing a reevaluation of the probability distribution functions for several of the inflow components of the probabilistic modeling performed during Phase 2 of the Middle Rio Grande Water Supply Study.