State Engineer Hearing Unit

The Hearing Unit is responsible for conducting administrative hearings and ensuring the expeditious and orderly handling of all administrative and enforcement matters consistent with the requirements of due process, and providing mediation services for the State Engineer on protested and aggrieved water rights applications.


Uday V. Joshi, Managing Attorney/Hearing Examiner

Irma E. Corral, Law Clerk/Hearing Unit Administrator

Contact Information

The physical location of the Office of the State Engineer Hearing Unit is 495 Old Santa Fe Trail, Lew Wallace Building, 2nd Floor, Suite 201.

Our office is located across the street from the State Capitol on Old Santa Fe Trail.

All pleadings must be hand-delivered in triplicate at the physical address or mailed to:
Office of the State Engineer
Attn: Hearing Unit
P.O. Box 25102
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-5102.

Physical Address:Lew Wallace Building
495 Old Santa Fe Trail
Lew Wallace Building—2nd Floor Suite 201
Santa Fe, NM 87504
(505) 476-7411

email: Hearing Unit Administrator