Interstate Stream Compacts

Compacts are formal agreement between states concerning the use of water in rivers or streams, which flow across state boundaries. The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission’s authority under state law includes negotiating compact issues with other states.

Commission staff is also responsible for compliance with provisions of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions governing water allocations on the Pecos, Canadian, and Gila Rivers. To assure compact compliance, staff analyze, review, and implement projects in New Mexico and in other states and analyze streamflow, reservoir, and other data on the stream systems.

map Colorado Basin - Click Here Canadian Basin - Click Here Pecos Basin - Click Here Costilla Creek La Plata Compact Pecos River Compact Rio Grande Ciompact La Plata River Upper Colorado River Compact The State of New Mexico is a party to the following compacts:

Canadian River Compact

Colorado River Compact

Upper Colorado River Compact

La Plata River Compact

Rio Grande Compact

Costilla Creek Compact

Pecos River Compact

Animas-La Plata Project Compact