Rio Grande Compact Commission Meeting Information

Event:  Rio Grande Compact Commission Annual Meeting

Meeting Notice (including time and location) and draft Agenda are attached.

The seventy-sixth annual meeting (98th meeting) of the Rio Grande Compact Commission will be held on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, in Room 170, Stephen F. Austin Building, 1700 N. Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. 

Rio Grande Compact

Signed in 1938, with Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas as parties and approved by Congress in 1939, the Rio Grande Compact apportions the waters of the Rio Grande above Ft. Quitman, Texas, among the three states.  It provides for administration by a commission consisting of the state engineers of Colorado and New Mexico; a commissioner appointed by the Governor of Texas; and a federal representative designated by the President of the United States who serves as the Chairman. The commission meets annually in March to hear reports and consider and adopt an annual report for the previous calendar year.

The Rio Grande Compact establishes, among other things, annual water delivery obligations and depletion entitlements for Colorado and New Mexico. Given the variable climate, it provides for debits and credits to be carried over from year to year until extinguished under provisions of the compact. Accrued credits or debits are an important element of compact accounting. The engineer advisers to the compact commissioners meet prior to annual Rio Grande Compact Commission meeting to determine scheduled and actual delivery of water under the compact.

Rio Grande Compact (PDF)