Aamodt Court Filings April 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

4/2/2013 7864 Defendant's Reply To State's Order Granting Application for Order To Show Cause [Doc. No. 7796]
4/2/2013 7865 State Of New Mexico's Reply To Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Response To Plaintiff's Objection To The Special Master's Order Denying, In Part, Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Discovery Requests, Subfile PM-67833
4/4/2013 7866 State Of New Mexico's Response To Defendant Arsenio Trujillo's Motion For Pretrial Order For Mediation [No. 7863]
4/15/2013 7867 April 15, 2013 Quarterly Status Report Regarding The Adjudication Of Domestic Well And Surface Rights
4/16/2013 7868 State Of New Mexico's Notice Regarding Gutierrez Defendants' Reply To State's Order Granting Application For Order To Show Cause [No. 7864]
4/17/2013 7869 Defendant Trujillo's' Unopposed Motion For Extension Of Time To Take Depositions And File Dispositive Motions
4/17/2013 7870 Memorandum Opinion And Order
4/19/2013 7872 Notice That The Consultation Period Has Ended, Gilbert J. & Robin N. Garduno, PM-79681