Chama Court Filings July 2013


Docket No.

Title of Pleading

7/1/2013 10925 Proof of Publication of Notice and Order to Show Cause, Section 7, Village of Chama
7/1/2013 10925-1 Exhibit
7/4/2013 10926 Order Amending Consent Order Describing the Water Rights of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in Subfile CHCV-006-0006
7/3/2013 10927 Order Revising Subfile Orders Associated with the Ranch 101 Ditch
7/3/2013 10927-1 Exhibit
7/3/2013 10927-2 Exhibit
7/3/2013 10927-3 Exhibit
7/10/2013 10928 Motion for Substitution of Parties (substituting Max Martinez and Mary Martinez (New Defendants) for defendant Mave Martinez); Section 3, Canjilon Creek; Subfile No. CHCJ-004-0024
7/16/2013 10929 Order Approving Appointment of Antonio Trujillo as Water Master
7/18/2013 10930 Notice by Rio Chama Watermaster, Section 1, Chama Mainstream 
7/18/2013 10930-1 Exhibit
7/19/2013 10931 Notice of Joint Working Session (10:00 a.m. Monday, August 12, 2013 at the Court of Appeals, Santa Fe, New Mexico)
7/19/2013 10931-1 Exhibit
7/25/2013 10932 Objection and Response to Notice and Order to Show Cause, Section 7, Village of Chama; Subfile No. CHCV-001-0002 (MB Ditch, License No. 1974)
7/29/2013 10933 Motion Requesting Senior Priority Call by the Acequia de Chamita Parciantes by Acequia Spokesman, David Ortiz
7/30/2013 10934 Order Substituting Parties (Max Martinez and Mary Martinez [“New Defendants”] for Defendant Mave Martinez with respect to the water rights described in Subfile CHCJ-004-0024
7/31/2013 10935 Entry of Appearance (John W. Utton on behalf of the Chama Town Ditch, a new member the Acequia Notenas)
7/31/2013 10936 Objections of the Association de Acequias Nortenas de Rio Arriba and its Two Member Acequias to Proposed Priority Dates and Irrigation Requirements
7/31/2013 10937 Order Setting Expedited Briefing (Responses to the motion [Doc. 10933] due August 5, 2013 and Replies are due on August 9, 2013)
7/31/2013 10937-1 Exhibit