Partial Final Judgment and Decree on Surface Rights and Supplemental Rights in the Membership Phase of the CID (Carlsbad Irrigation District) Section of the Pecos River Stream System Adjudication

List of Employees of The State and the Office of The State Engineer Who Contributed to the Adjudication of the Carlsbad Irrigation District

The origins of the Carlsbad Irrigation District (CID) Adjudication can be traced to April 9, 1956, when the State of New Mexico (State) and the Pecos Valley Artesian Conservancy District (PVACD) filed a Petition requesting the Court establish procedures for the adjudication of the water rights of the Roswell Artesian Basin.  See Petition, State of New Mexico, ex rel. Reynolds v. L.T. Lewis (N.M. Dist Ct., Chavez County, April 9, 1956).  This came to be known as the Lewis Case because the first in the list of the named defendants in the Petition was a water-right claimant named L. T. Lewis.  Eventually, the Lewis Case grew to encompass the water rights of the entire Pecos River Basin.

Since 1956, dozens of employees of the State of New Mexico and the Office of the State Engineer have contributed their expertise to the CID Adjudication.  Those of us involved in completing the CID Adjudication, wish to acknowledge the contributions of the engineers, technicians, cartographers, surveyors, hydrologists, computer techs, attorneys, paralegals, records managers, and all the experts.  We have done our best to assemble the names of everyone who ever contributed in any way.  If you are aware of a person whose name is not listed, please contact the Pecos Bureau of the Office of the State Engineer.  The people who contributed to the CID Adjudication are named below, alphabetically, by last name.

Perry Abernethy
Fred Abramowitz
James Aguirre
Celina Alaniz
Emily Alsen
Ted Apodaca
Julia Armstrong
Elizabeth Ayarbe
Michael Balleau
David Barz
Eric Biggs
Tom Blaine
John H. Bliss
Paul L. Bloom
Rozella Bransford
Christopher Bulman
Darcy Bushnell
Ralph Campbell
Ann Carter
Bill Cassel
J. Lee Cathey
Gar Clarke
John R. D’Antonio, Jr.
Rebecca Dempsey
Rick Desimone
Jeff Dickey
Bill Duemling
Deborah Dunaway
Jim Dunlap
Susan Edwards
Parry Andrew Erdmann
Stephen R. Farris
Mark Fesmire
Connie Flint
Ken Fresquez
Vickie Gabin
Vina D. Gallegos
Rachel K. Garcia
Theresa Grandjean
Heather L. Green
Marisol Green
Claudia Guillen
Diana Hardy
Charles D. Harris
Christopher Harris

Stephen Hayes
Juan Hernandez
Sue Herrmann
Thomas Himrod
Susanne Hoffman-Dooley
Lee W. Huffman
Tracy Ikenberry
Jordan Jackson
Alexander Jones
Shelia Jordan
Jose Juvera
Susan C. Kery
Fred Kipnes
Peter Kraai
Michael LeBlanc
Pierre Levy
John W. Longworth
Chris Lopez
Jack L. Love
Sylvia Lucero
Rick Lusher
Michael MacKenzie
Layla Makil
Eluid L. Martinez
Art Mason
Rodney McKnight
Jim McNees
Matthew McQueen
Yolanda Mendiola
Janet Minyard
Philip Morin
Andy Morley
Peter Nathanson
Christina Noftsker
Vicky Obrien
Mercedes Ortega
Kashyap Parekh
Rob Pine
Presiliano Pino
Christy Pittman
Azucena Ramirez
Lee Reasoner
Mike Recker
Leila Reilly

Robert Reiter
S. E. Reynolds
Bruce Richardson
Gregory C. Ridgley
Ray Rivera
Dario B. Rodriguez
John Romero
Joseph Romero
Lorenzo Romero
Sara Rhoton
Daniel Rubin
DL Sanders
Emile Sawyer
Aquiles Saz
Christopher G. Schatzman
Joseph Schleicher
Chuck Schultz
Leticia Sheridan
Richard A. Simms
Jonathan Sperber
Jalayne Spivey
Heather Standley
Claudia Stapleton
Mike Stapleton
Jay F. Stein
Joel Stone
Gary Storm
Cynthia Sully
Tarmo Sutt
Win Taylor
David Ernie Thomas
Leeanna Torres
Angelica Trujillo
Tanya Trujillo
Thomas C. Turney
Julie Valdez
Lula Valdez
Larry Vigil
Ruth Villegas
Leroy Warren
Peter Thomas White
Tim Williams
Margaret Wolf
Ann Finley Wright