Active Cases

The following are active cases involving the Office of the State Engineer/ Interstate Stream Commission.

CID  - Partial Final Judgment and Decree on Surface Rights and Supplemental Rights in the Membership Phase of the CID (Carlsbad Irrigation District) section of the Pecos River Stream System Adjudication

Chama Adjudication (Aragon)

Jemez Adjudication (Abousleman)

Lower Rio Grande (State v. EBID et al)

Nambe, Pojoaque, Tesuque Adjudication (Aamodt)

Pecos Adjudication (Lewis)

Red River Adjudication

Rio Gallinas Stream System

Roswell Artesian Basin

San Jose Adjudication (Kerr-McGee)

San Juan Adjudication

Santa Cruz/Truchas Adjudication (Abbott)

Santa Fe Adjudication (Anaya)

Taos/Hondo Adjudication (Abeyta)

Zuni Adjudication (A&R Productions)