Native American Water Liaison

The Native American Tribal Liaison deals with matters related to adjudication of Tribal and Pueblo water rights, negotiations regarding these rights, and assistance to individual Tribes and Pueblos.

The Liaison's role is to advocate equal protection of all water users, emphasizing conservation and the development of feasible alternative water supplies.

An important goal is to resolve disputes between the State of New Mexico and Indian Pueblos, Tribes, and Nations, without costly litigation. While the State Engineer began adjudicating water rights on tributaries to the state's major rivers more than 30 years ago, the water entitlements for the most of the state's 22 Indian Pueblos, Tribes, and Nations have not been quantified.

Contact information

To contact Myron Armijo, Native American Tribal Liaison with the Office of the State Engineer, email Myron Armijo or call (505) 383-4091 in Albuquerque.