Informational brochures produced by the Office of the State Engineer or Interstate Stream Commission on specific topics can be accessed from the following list by title:


“Financial Aid and Technical Assistance for the Restoration and Preservation of Community Acequia Irrigation Systems”


Don't Waste a Drop: Finding, Fixing and Preventing Indoor Water Leaks

A Waterwise Guide to Clothes Washers

A Waterwise Guide to Evaporative Coolers

Agua Action”  Spanish version

The Enchanted Xeriscape

Xeriscape 101

Lean & Green

Irrigation Basics

Waterwise Guide to Trees

Water Wise Community Briefs

A Waterwise Guide to Rainwater Harvesting”  Spanish version

The Complete How To Guide to Xeriscape

Rainwater Harvesting, Supply from the Sky

Low Volume Irrigation Design and Installation Guide

“Coyote Tales”1

“Conserve Water”1

Learning to Xeriscape: A Hands-On, Problem-Solving Curriculum for Mid- and High-School Students

Results of the Teacher Survey for the 2000 - 2001 School Year

Rio! The Water Detective

Roof-Reliant Landscaping


1  For copies of this publication, contact the Water Use and Conservation Bureau at 505-827-6691.