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Water Rights Allocation Program (WRAP)

Meter Reading Instructions


1. Download the "Meter Reading Form"

2. Save the form to your machine.

3. Open and fill out the form on your machine with your meter reading information and save it.

4. Click on the District Office metering email address you are required to report your meter reading to

Note: If a this does not launch your email client automatically, you will need to open a new email and copy/paste the appropriate email address into the "To address line".

5. Attach the form you saved to this new email and click send.

We have also included a form in PDF Format for individuals who prefer to print this form and mail it in to the district office. For the addresses of the district offices go to our District Offices page.

Note:   Please contact the District Office if you do not believe this standard meter reading form fits your particular needs.

Corporate and Governmental Meter Reading

Water right owners that have several metered points of diversion can submit their meter readings in an Excel Spreadsheet. Enter your meter information on a spreadsheet and attach it to an email and send it back to the appropriate district office using the District Office metering email addresses

Meter Photograph

Please send a one-time photograph of your meter clearly showing the face of the meter and a photograph clearly showing the serial number. Photographs can be emailed or sent by mail to your appropriate District Office. See Example here