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Water Planning

Water Planning in New Mexico

New Mexico has 16 water planning regions, each with its own water plan. New Mexico also has a State Water Plan. The regional and state water plans are vital tools intended to guide water management in the state to best meet all the state’s water users – now and into the future. Strategic water planning is best informed by accurate and reliable data and engaged citizens, which leads to better implementation.

2020 Water Planning: Stories from around the State

New Mexico Water Data Stories: Water Planning
New Mexico Water Data Stories: Water Quality

The following 2019 NM Water Planning Drought and Data Collection, Accessibility and Monitoring Discussion Summaries were prepared by the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI)

A Summary of the New Mexico Water Planning
Drought Discussion (s); June 2019

A Summary of the New Mexico Water Planning
Data Collection, Accessibility, and Monitoring Discussion (s), June 2019

State Water Plan

2018 State Water Plan

New Mexico State Water Plan Act 72-14-3.1

2003 State Water Plan

2017 Comparison and Analysis of Western States Water Planning

Regional Water Plans

Regional Water Plans

New Mexico Regional Water Planning Act 72-14-43 and 72-14-44

Regional Water Planning Boundaries White Paper

Regional Water Planning PPP List White Paper