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Statewide Projects

Water Resource Allocation Program
Statewide Projects Team

This team of highly trained and specialized employees are charged with many duties highlighted below.


As time and staffing situation will allow, the Statewide Projects Team within the Water Resource Allocation Program will respond to requests for speakers on relevant topics, or to give instruction to groups of any size. Contact Jerri Pohl, Team Leader, at (505) 827-6120 if you have any questions or email nm.driller@state.nm.us

Well Driller & Drill Rig Supervisor

The Office of the State Engineer is responsible for regulating the construction and plugging of wells and the licensing of well drillers in the state of New Mexico. Any person desiring to engage in the drilling of one or more wells for underground water within the boundaries of any underground source shall file an application with the state engineer for a driller license. It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to drill or to begin the drilling of a well for water from an underground source without a valid, existing license for the drilling of such wells issued by the State Engineer of New Mexico.

The Well Drillers Licensing Program is administered by the Statewide Projects Team within the Water Rights Allocation Program. Direct any inquiries or questions that you have to Frank Scott, Project Lead, at (505) 827-7849 or email nm.driller@state.nm.us

Underground Storage and Recovery

The Statewide Projects Team oversees Underground Storage and Recovery projects permitting.  The Team facilitates the permitting and recordkeeping for these activities throughout the state.  Email nm.driller@state.nm.us for assistance.