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Handouts and List of Well Drillers

The Office of the State Engineer has created public handouts to assist the public with questions on selecting a well driller and general well drilling requirements.

Brochure - "Drilling Your Water Well"

The NGWA Well Owners Guide is a comprehensive manual where you’ll find valuable information from proper well construction, routine well maintenance, water testing and much more.

Well Owner Maintenance Practices

Meter Information

To drill a well in New Mexico, the well driller shall hold a valid license issued by the Office of the State Engineer. The Office of the State Engineer has defined a well as a bore hole, cased or screened bore hole, or other hydraulic structure that is drilled, driven, or dug with the intent of penetrating a saturated geologic unit. A well driller license is not required for work on pumping equipment.

Well Driller Reports are available on our reporting website:

New Mexico Water Rights Reporting System (NMWRRS) Water Rights Lookup

1. Scroll to the bottom of the disclaimer page, and click on the 'Continue to NMWRRS' button.

2. From the NMWRRS page, under Select a Report - Click on Driller License Reports

Commenting on a Driller's Performance

Comments on a well driller’s performance may be filed at the Office of the State Engineer. Any complaint against a licensed well driller shall be made in writing, shall be specific and detailed, and shall be legible, signed, and include a complete mailing address of the person or other entity filing the complaint.

The state engineer may issue a written reprimand, a compliance order issued pursuant to Section 72-2-18 NMSA, or, after notice and hearing held pursuant to 19.25.2 NMAC and 19.25.4 NMAC, suspend or revoke a well driller license if it is found that a well driller:

  • made a material misstatement of facts in his application for license; or
  • failed to submit or submitted an incomplete well record or well log; or
  • made a material misstatement of facts in a well record or well log; or
  • drilled a well in any declared underground water basin without a State Engineer permit; or
  • violated the conditions of the State Engineer permit under which the well was being drilled; or
  • violated the conditions of his well driller license; or
  • the licensed well driller or his registered drill rig supervisor was not present at the drilling site during well drilling activities; or
  • violated the rules and regulations of the State Engineer; or failed to assure the protection of the public safety, health, welfare, and property in the well construction process.