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Interstate Stream Commission

About the Interstate Stream Commission (ISC)

The Interstate Stream Commission has broad powers to investigate, protect, conserve, and develop New Mexico’s waters including both interstate and intrastate stream systems. The eight unsalaried members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor. The ninth member is the State Engineer who under state law is the secretary of the Commission. The Interstate Stream Commission Director serves as the deputy state engineer.

The Commission’s authority under state law includes negotiating with other states to settle interstate stream controversies. New Mexico is a party to eight interstate stream basins. To ensure basin compliance, Interstate Stream Commission staff analyze, review, and implement projects in New Mexico and analyze streamflow, reservoir, and other data on the stream systems.

The Commission is also authorized by statute to investigate and develop the water supplies of the state and institute legal proceedings in the name of the state for planning, conservation, protection and development of public waters.

2021 Interstate Stream Commission Meetings

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The NMISC will host a series of Application Information Sessions for members of the agricultural community interested in participating in the 2022-2023 Water Management Pilot Project (Project) for the Lower Rio Grande. The sessions will cover grant objectives, eligibility, the application requirements, timeline, and funding. Participants in the session will also review the grant application form and on-line platform. There will also be time for questions and answers. To register for one or more of these session go to LRG Water Management Pilot Project webpage.

50 Year Water Planning Upcoming Events & Webinars


Resilience Assessment Initiation:

  • September 20th at 2pm: Agriculture and Livestock Watering - NM ISC
  • September 22nd at 3pm: Public Water Systems and Domestic Wells - NM ISC
  • September 28th at 2pm: Watersheds and Habitat - NM ISC
  • September 29th at 2pm: Industrial, Commercial, Mining, and Power - NM ISC
  • September 30th at 2pm: Recreation and Quality of Life - NM ISC

In-Depth Webinars Evaluating Resilience of Sectors:

  • September 21st at 2pm: Evaluating Resilience of Irrigated Agricultural Areas - Amy C. Lewis
  • September 23rd at 3pm: Evaluating Resilience of Public Water Systems - Amy C. Lewis