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Chaves County

File Number Name Date Posted
R-150 Christopher & Lindsey McKay 10-Oct-10
SD-0887 Barbe Farms LLC 10-Oct-10
RA-126 POD7 Janyce Callaway 27-Sep-19
RA-443-AC into RA-1936-B Leandra Finney 27-Sep-19
RA-1238 POD12 Tom Visser and 3-V Dairy 13-Sep-19
RA-239 & RA-448 Combined; RA-448-POD3 Normex, Inc.; Attn. Shay Wagner 30-Aug-19
RA-142, RA-1723 & RA-141 Combined Memory Lawn Memorial Cemetery (owner);
Memory Lawn Memorial Cemetery Improvement Fund (lessee)
RA-210-U J. Nash and Sylvia G. Sisneros 16-Aug-19