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Gila Basin Records

Annual reports on irrigated acreages, diversions, and consumptive uses are available for inspection at the Interstate Stream Commission office in Santa Fe.  Data compilations associated with recent reports are given below.


Gila Area Weather 1968 - 2018

Ditch Diversions

2019 Ditch Diversions

2018 Ditch Diversions

2017 Ditch Diversions

2016 Ditch Diversions

2015 Ditch Diversions

2014 Ditch Diversions

Crop Statistics

2018 Gila Crop Statistics

2017 Gila Crop Statistics

2016 Gila Crop Statistics

2015 Gila Crop Statistics

2014 Gila Crop Statistics

Gila Report Data

2018 Gila Report Data

2017 Gila Report Data

2016 Gila Report Data

2015 Gila Report Data

2014 Gila Report Data