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Pecos River Basin - Technical Data and Reports

2019 NMISC Augmentation Wellfield Operational Readiness Test:  This 2020 report describes the Operational Readiness Test performed at the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC) Seven Rivers Wellfield in January 2019.  

Carlsbad Area Groundwater Flow Model Report - This 2004 report documents the Carlsbad Area Groundwater Model developed by the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (NM OSE).  The model represents groundwater processes in two aquifers: the Capitan Reef and the overlying alluvial aquifer. The resulting model simulated groundwater levels in the aquifers and estimated baseflow gains to the Pecos River in the Carlsbad region.

Roswell Area Recalibration Report - This 2004 report presents an evaluation of the potential impacts associated with proposed augmentation pumping and irrigation water use retirement scenarios on streamflows and groundwater levels in the Seven Rivers area of the Roswell Basin.  This assessment of potential impacts was accomplished using the Roswell Basin Groundwater Model.

2003 Decision Makers Guide - This 2003 New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources guide was prepared as part of a conference that examined many of the relevant physical, hydrological and biological issues that faced the Pecos River during the early 2000s.  

Hydrogeology of the Roswell Basin - Volume 1: This 1995 report documents a numerical groundwater flow model of the Roswell Underground Basin prepared for the NM OSE to support effective basin administration.

Hydrogeology of the Roswell Basin - Volume 2: This 1995 volume includes appendices for Volume I.