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Interstate Stream Commission

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD)
Irrigation Efficiency and Metering Program

The MRGCD Irrigation Efficiency and Metering Program was initiated in 2000 to evaluate the efficiency and metering network of the district.

The purpose of the efficiency portion of the program is to identify ways to improve the delivery of limited water supplies to the irrigated lands of the district and to identify opportunities for salvage of incidental depletions that could improve water availability throughout the Middle Rio Grande region.

The purpose of the metering portion of the study is to evaluate the status of the metering network of the district and to determine the need for installation of additional gaging stations to ensure that all diversions, returns and significant routing of water are measured.

New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission Cover Letter, December 23, 2002

Volume I

Evaluation of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Irrigation System and Measurement Program - Main Text



Volume II - Appendices A-D

Appendix A - Documents Referenced in NMISC Cover Letter

Appendix B - MRGCD System Diversion Stuctures and Conveyance Channels

Appendix C - Mapped Lateral Service Areas

Appendix D - Gages in MRGCD Cochiti Division

Volume III - Appendices E-J

Appendix E - Sample Data and Historic Memos of Crop and Water Allocation Reports

Appendix F - MRGCD Discharge Records

Appendix G - Crop Records

Appendix H - MRGCD Ditchrider Profiles and System Operational Documents

Appendix I - Accounting Analysis Details

Appendix J - Responses to MRGCD Comments

Preliminary Report and Plan for Comprehensive Evaluation

For questions or comments regarding the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Efficiency and Metering Program, contact Kevin Flanigan at (505) 764-3865.